Calgon, take me away!

In the late 70’s and early 80’s I remember watching a particular television commercial promoting a certain type of bath soap that appeared to alleviate the daily stresses of life.  The commercial began with a woman sharing her daily dilemmas.  The traffic, the boss, the baby, and the dog seemed more than she could bare and in desperation she cries out, “Calgon, take me away”.  Suddenly she is whisked away and all her cares are lost to a magical bubble bath.  Can the issues of everyday life and living be alleviated by some magical bathing potion or did Yahweh have another way?

The last several weeks of life as we know it in the Priest family has been intense to say the least.  Leasing buildings, selling a home, purchasing a home, and being commissioned as an apostle by our spiritual father and family in Northwest Arkansas has had our life moving at a pace far greater than we like to keep it.  And if that wasn’t enough to process my mother was diagnosed with a life threatening disease that has placed her in the hospital fighting for her life and purpose.  Sometimes life builds up so much momentum that  like the lady in the commercial I could be tempted to cry out, “Calgon, take me away”.  Kingdom living does not insure us that everything in our lives will go silky smooth all the rest of our days.  However, Yahweh instructed us to labor for one thing that would be the stabilizing force and answer for life’s everyday challenges.  That one thing that we are to labor for and to enter into is the REST.  Only from a position of rest can we identify correctly, judge righteously, and deal with accordingly all the internal and external distractions that compete with Yahweh’s purpose and plan for our lives.

Each one of the items I listed above are all viable, important, and necessary activities that I must be actively engaged in.  And I am not saying that the activities themselves or the people involved are distractions.  However, if the mental and physical pressures of these creaturely activities cause me stress to the point all I want to do is escape then it is safe to say I am not in the REST and have been distracted away from purpose.

Yahshua, after a long teaching discourse, decided to give the disciples an object lesson.  He insisted they get in the boat and declared that they were going to the other side.  In the midst of the journey they faced a storm that threatened, in their minds, to halt the process and potentially end their lives.  It was necessary for them to deal with and was not something they could just ignore.  However, its presence, placed in the midst of their lives, caused both external and internal distractions.  Meanwhile, Yahshua was asleep resting peacefully on the promises of His Father.  Yahshua, after being awakened, rebuked the external distraction and immediately the storm ceased.  Then, turning his attention to the disciples, He rebuked the internal distraction reminding them of the word and to not let fear rob them of their intended purpose.

Conclusion, no matter how hectic life seems to get always labor to not just enter but to remain in the REST.  Both internal and external distractions will come but remain focused on the task at hand.  There is no bath soap on the face of the earth that can do for you what entering the REST of Yahweh will accomplish.