Faith Comes by Hearing

Radio Pic

Monday I journeyed to the Oasis Radio Network to record several radio spots to begin airing next week.  It’s amazing to me how you can sit and speak clearly until someone places a microphone in your face and says go.  In that moment a thousand things ran through my mind and it seems simultaneously tried to come out my mouth.  However, we persevered and after several takes we captured five different 30 second spots to send out over the airways.  The point I want to make is not necessarily how the process went but how my voice sounded when they played it back for me to approve.  Has anyone ever heard yourself on tape (dated!) or should I say CD or some other media form?  If you haven’t you should take a minute and try that.  I will pause for a moment so that you can get the full affect of this blog.  [play Jeopardy theme song now! ]  I learned back in elementary something that did not register until a few years ago and that is that we have an inner ear and an outer ear.  The inner ear is how I hear myself when I speak and the outer ear is how I hear others speak.  The problem in this lies when I listen to myself on some form of recording I am listening through a different part of my ear than usual and I don’t like the way I sound through that particular ear.  My desire is that everyone should listen to me through my inner ear, it sounds much better.

In Romans 10:17 Paul states that faith comes by hearing and hearing by Yahweh’s Word.  Although I may not hear Yahweh’s voice audibly through my outer ear I do hear it with the ears of my spirit.  However, I believe that in order for you to hold on to your profession of faith and not waver you must continually rehearse that word out of your own mouth.  As you speak that word aloud not only are you releasing a sound of faith but as you hear that word, through your inner ear, you are continually building and reinforcing that faith through what you are hearing out of your own mouth.  It’s important to note that faith alone is not enough, there has to be a sound released (Romans 10:10).

The moral of this story is not whether you like the way you sound or not but is simply to not be silent.  Prophesy the word of faith that is in your heart and in your mouth (Romans 10:8).  No matter what it sounds like through your inner ear or outer ear, when it is released it has the power to bring heaven into your earth.

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