Lessons on Listening


Today began with my usual momentary detour into the local QT to pick up an infamous sweet tea.  I exchanged the familiar pleasantries with employees in my journey to the fountain drink area.  After a quick test swig, my cup was filled to the top and it was off to exchange my seventy five cents for this thirty two ounces of heaven in a cup.  However, as I was walking out of the door I immediately realized the awkwardness that had just occurred.  I assumed that the gentleman behind the counter said to me as I was walking away, “have a great day”, to which I replied, “you too”.  The problem arose when I realized, after my response, that he actually said, “come back soon”.  Why would someone say, “you too” in response to “come back soon”?  It was at that moment that I realized in my hurriedness (new word) I did not listen to his words but formulated a response on what I thought he said.  I would love to say I turned around and set the record straight but in my embarrassment I just kept walking like nothing ever happened.

Many times our journey takes us across the paths of people who need heaven to invade their earth.  However, we tend to be more excited to share what we know than to listen to what they need.  We have the answers.  We are equipped to respond.  But if we are not careful to listen we may share with them a key to the kingdom but find out it was to a different door than the one they needed open.  Nothing is more frustrating than to need a screwdriver and someone bring you a pair of pliers.  The pliers are a great tool to accomplish many great things but not if your are needing a screwdriver.

In John 8:43 Yahshua said, “Why do you not understand My speech? Because you do not listen to My word”.  In our desires to bring heaven into every relationship, circumstance, and situation that is in our realm of authority.  Let us not forget to listen first and speak second.  Listen first to Holy Spirit but in every natural relationship listen intently and hear how heaven needs to respond to what is said.  I can guarantee you that if you listen closely you will not in up with an awkward moment at QuikTrip where your response makes you look like a goofball.