Just Keep Going!

lock and keys

Over the last month or so my wife and I have been running longer distances in preparation for the Tulsa Run. I am always finding money when I run so I tend to notice things on the ground. During the course of training I have noticed a lock that was locked along the curb just inside our edition. I have continually noticed it but never saw any significance until Tuesday morning. After a nice easy run to work out the soreness from the weekend we entered the edition and I again noticed the lock. However, about 100 yards down the road I noticed 2 keys in the street. I was prompted by Holy Spirit to go back and pick them up. You probably know by now where this story is headed and I will allow you the joy of finishing the story in relation to your own situation and circumstance. Keep pressing on and into Holy Spirit. Don’t stop! The keys to unlock whatever your are dealing with are just ahead of you!