I have recently became increasingly aware of the adolescence of my apostleship. In other words I realized with each new step of life I have always encountered a learning curve. There have always been examples and standards that I have longed to be like. However, I never got the opportunity to begin at the level they were currently on. When I became a new husband I came to the lightening fast conclusion that I couldn’t be just like the ones I looked up to that had been married for many years already. Nor did I realize a few years later that children didn’t come with a manual and being a dad wasn’t an office that you were somehow magically good at. Although I was equipped and prepared for each new journey of life it still took some growing and maturing to function in those capacities to the fullness that Yahweh created me to. I can honestly say that I haven’t arrived when it comes to those two assignments but I have left. Now, having been commissioned as an apostle to pioneer a kingdom expression in the greater Tulsa region we take on the biggest assignment of our lives (for now). However, like becoming a husband and father I am equipped for the journey and task at hand. There were already many giants that had already set up residence in our promised land and little by little He is growing, maturing, and increasing us to accomplish His design and purpose for this region. Therefore, we are nibbling at the giant of ignorance in order to breakthrough religious tradition and rituals. Come join us on this great adventure we call life.