What is LOVE?

Love PicWhat is LOVE? It’s hard to imagine that the word “love” is even capable of carrying all the different meanings associated with it…not to mention the every day loves from “I love pizza, football, long walks and Starbucks (that’s for you Hali).” Then we have everything from young love to tough love. We use the word for flippant farewells to warm welcomes. You see we all think we know love until we are asked to define it or explain it. That’s where the confusion begins. Scripture states that “Yahweh is Love.” It is not something He does but the very essence and nature of who He is. If we mess up our definition of love, we’ve just messed up our definition of Yahweh. Therefore, how important is it for us to truly understand love? It certainly is not something to be playing games with. Enjoy your journey to a greater understanding of one of the most amazing yet misunderstood words.