Bringing Heaven’s Perfection into Earth’s Chaos!

chaos_quoteMost ministries continue to focus on getting people’s earth prepared to one day enter Yahweh’s (God’s) heaven. While that is noble, good, and right, is it possible for Heaven’s perfection to invade earth’s chaos and confusion? Can the kingdom of God really come? Can the will of God actually be done on the earth as it already exists in the heaven‘s? We believe the answers to these questions and more are a resounding, “YES”! However, Yahweh does nothing in the earth without human representation. Therefore, He needs you in order to accomplish this. Yahweh has called you by name. Here is your assignment is you choose to accept it. Bring My (Yahweh’s) world into yours until your world looks like Mine (Yahweh’s)!

The Rock of Greater Tulsa – Bringing Heaven’s Perfection into Earth’s Chaos!