Little Moments

little moments

Most people tend to ring in the New Year with dramatic resolutions fueled by the hope of immediate and significant personal change.  But let’s be honest.  The reality is that few smokers actually quit because of a single moment of resolve.  Few obese people become slim and healthy because of one dramatic moment of commitment.  Few people deeply in debt change their financial lifestyle because they resolve to do so.

Is change important? YES! Is commitment essential?  Of course!  However, the fact of the matter is that the transforming work is more of a mundane process than it is a series of a few dramatic events.  Personal heart and life change is always a process.

Not to burst any bubbles but most of us won’t be written up in any history books for others to read about.  And studies show that most of us will only make three or four momentous decisions in our lives.  You and I live in little moments, and if Yahweh (God) doesn’t rule our little moments and doesn’t work to re-create us in the middle of them, then there’s not much chance for change.

This is where I think “Big Drama Christianity” creates trouble for people.  It can cause you to devalue the significance of the little moments of life and the small changes that meet us there.  If we devalue the little moments, where we live, then we will fail to find the grace to change that is offered to us.

Here’s to noticing all the little moments in 2014!