Pentecost Sunday



Not all moments of history are equal.  Some are hinges on which a quantum increase of the kingdom swings.  I believe we are currently in one of these.  If we fail to discern accurately what Yahweh is doing in this moment much will be lost to this generation.  It is imperative for us to understand the times, like the sons of Isaachar, that we might know what to do.

This Sunday is a significant day in the history of our faith and an appointed moment on Yahweh’s time table.  The four spring feasts (Lev. 23) tell an amazing story of the plan of redemption through Yahshua the Christ.  Fifty days ago many in the “Christian” faith celebrated the Resurrection of Christ missing the point that their salvation was not completed there.  These feasts paint an incredible picture of the process beginning with Passover and culminating at Pentecost.  It is impossible to leave any step of the process out and still see the portrait clearly.

A feast was known as a Hebrew word “Moed” which meant an appointed time.  In the New Testament the Greek word “Kairos” is used.  A Kairos refers to an appointed time for a specific purpose.  As a momentary window it demands an accurate and forceful response for its purpose to be achieved.  I believe that Pentecost Sunday is one of those windows.  It is therefore an opening in time through which Yahweh comes to achieve a particular purpose demanding and immediate and forceful response (Mat. 11:12).  Responding to a Karios requires spiritual violence.   First, it must be recognized; and secondly, it can only be entered through radical obedience.

I’m not looking to go back but sometimes in looking back we can be thrust forward!  Thank you Yahweh for sending and sealing us with Your Holy Spirit.