“How Then Shall We Live”


I recently picked up and began reading a book from one of my son’s required reading list for the upcoming school year. The name of the book is “How Then Shall We Live” The rise and decline of western thought and culture, by Francis A. Schaeffer. Being a generational thinker, once I read the quote in the picture, I was instantly intrigued. I often wonder how did life as we know it end up the way it is currently being lived out? Is this the way Yahweh meant for life to be lived? Are we even close? Or, has life as we know it simply morphed through circumstance and events that has flowed from history and culture?
As Mr. Schaeffer wrote, “People have presuppositions, and they will live more consistently on the basis of those presuppositions than even they themselves may realize. By presuppositions we mean the basic way an individual looks at life, his basic world view, the grid through which he sees the world. People’s presuppositions lay a grid for all they bring forth into the external world. Their presuppositions also provide the basis for their values and therefore the basis for their decisions.”

“As a man thinks in he heart, so is he,” is really most profound. Solomon realized something thousands of years ago that so few understand today. Yahshua (Jesus) came preaching the message “REPENT” for the kingdom is at hand. Repent means to change the way one thinks. In other words, Yahshua was saying for the kingdom to be manifest in and through your life you will have to cast off the presuppostitions you have held onto for so long in order to be transformed through a renewed mind or thought life.

Have we become the product the creator envisioned from the beginning of time? Or, are we simply a product of culture; desicions and thought processes held by generations before us that has affected the way we view life?

Yahweh, we present ourselves as living sacrifices to you. No longer conformed by the thoughts and presuppositions the culture of this world has established. But transformed through a renewed mind so we can test and approve what your perfect will is in our lives. Not just for our sakes but for generations to come!