adult babiesAs I began the week I was once again greeted with a Holy frustration regarding the American church culture. NOTE: I want anyone who reads this to know that I am not against people but I am against systems that allow people to remain in bondage. The kingdom of darkness rules through ignorance and doesn’t want people to ever get a revelation of who they are and just what all has been given to them IN CHRIST. Many of them have had a genuine experience with Yahweh but continue to struggle never living the abundant life extended to them by Christ.

While driving, praying in the Spirit, and prophesying (Yes, in that order) Holy Spirit showed me a vision of what is happening. It is as if the institutionalized/organized church is creating a spiritual welfare system. First of all, the government was never to be a source of provision for man. Secondly, this particular system rewards or gives money to those with babies. And thirdly, they enforce a behavior that with more children comes more provision. However, very few ever break out of the system, children then began to have children, and the cycle continues. The church in some ways has adopted the same patern only desiring to have more babies failing to bring children into maturity. When are we going to raise responsible, mature adults that don’t just know how to reproduce but how to successfully raise the next generation? FOOD FOR THOUGHT!