Biblical Knowledge vs. Spiritual Maturity

knowledge_growthPortions of what was written below was taken from a clip that was sent to me about Paul Tripp. While I do not know Paul Tripp nor am I familiar with his ministry and what he represents I did resonate with this particular word. We live in a society where ministry has become a career field and no longer a calling. If asked a question we have been trained well enough that we can give the correct biblical answer. However, the problem is that for many people the correct biblical answer is not what influences their thought life. Many people stop short of an encounter with Yahweh because they are satisfied with good theology. And while I believe that all bondage is related to a lack of knowledge in a particular area and that the scriptures teach us that people perish for lack of it. I also believe that experience and encounter with Yahweh will bring a revelation to your spirit that a concept and theory received cerebrally will never manifest. I am in no way deminishing the importance of the scriptures just the thought that my biblical education somehow represents my spiritual maturity.

(I modified some of that which is in quotes defining some large words and adding some thoughts for personall clarification. I left it all in quotes to give the speaker credit.)

“I believe there is an epidemic in our society that biblical knowledge and the aquisition of that is somehow misunderstood for spiritual maturity. Clearly it is dangerous to think that because I know a thing, that I am that thing. But because we have so acadamized the faith and almost all ministry training is entirely academic that there is now a a shift that has happened where people now believe that their spiritual maturity is somehow attached to their theological expertise and biblical literacy. It is very clear that I can understand things that I’m not living. We each have the potential to be theologically astute and still be spiritually immature. I am not OK when I feel I have mastered this body of truth (scriptures) . What I should be asking is to what degree has my life been mastered, changed, and transformed by this body of truth. You cannot equate theological knowledge with spiritual maturity.”