If I could use one word to describe the kingdom it would be “CHANGE”.  Out of all the amazing things I could think or come up with I believe this word more acurately defines it than any other.  However, change comes with many different facets to it.  The first change is that of repentance or changing the way we think.  And while that introduces us to change that is really just the beginning.  The problem arises when we are tasked to change something that we have held dear to our heart for many years.  While we tend to embrace change when it comes to trouble areas there are other areas where we fail to see the need for change.  If we fail to to hear Holy Spirit and respond correctly to the directions given we have the potential of failing to reach the desired objective.  Below is a quote taken from Apostle Steve Parker from The Rock of Central Florida in Orlando.  It seems like a very fitting word to where we are and this next season Yahweh is bringing us into.  Let me know what you think.
“When you choose to hold onto what Yahweh has let go of, you’ve chosen to stand still.  Your obedience has been compromised by your flesh.  YOU decided it’s more important for you to extend the season you’re currently in to make yourself feel better, instead of obeying Holy Spirit and completing the cycle to continue growing in your purpose.  If all you ever do is grow when it’s convenient for you, your purpose will soon be out of reach.  The only thing holding you back is yourself.  Stop compromising because you’re afraid of what’s next.  Embrace the change and listen to Holy Spirit.  Hearing without obedience is like a tree without roots, death, because you no longer have what you need to produce life, to grow, or to develop.  It’s time to be the change.  #riseup “