Future Ahead

The future seems to be sfuture aheado mysterious to the logical mind. However, Yahweh never meant for you to be unsure, insecure, or fearful of what it holds. The book of Jeremiah is not the book you would look to read if you were needing encouragement or trying to gain enthusiasim. But right in the middle of it all Yahweh speaks that He has a plan and a future for Israel. That future would be a driving force in their lives. Prophetic equipping and ministry gives us insight not just for where we are but direction for where we are going. These words were not meant to be a feel good event but divine guidance in the process of our maturity and development. It is essential that the body of Christ be equipped by the prophetic anointing given by Christ to the ecclesia. Although the prophetic may come through a person operating in the anointing of the prophet the ultimate expression of the prophetic is for every born again, Spirit filled believer to hear Yahweh speak for his or her self. It is a shame to think there are postions held by churches today that beleive Yahweh no longer talks.

“God’s voice is a threat to religion. A mute God is vital to religion. You can’t control the masses if they can hear God for themselves.” Duane Sheriff.