Debt & The Next Generation


2 Kings 4:1 tells a story of a widow woman who has accumulated debt either because of her late husband or her own doing we do not know. However, it is interesting that the creditors were not coming to seize her or her possessions but her children. We tend to live our lives by making decisions thinking the outcome of those choices will only affect us. What we fail to understand is that DEBT is all about the next generation. One decision has the potential to affect several generations. Bad decisions create genetic and environmental defects that must be restored to the Creator’s original intent. Lastly, less you think all debt refers simply to money and finance. It is important that we can have mental debt in our minds, relational debt in our marriages, physical debt in our bodies, time debt in our schedules, as well as the traditional debt in our finances. Let’s purpose to eradicate all debt…. the next generation will thank us!