The Next 50 Days Could Literally Change Your Life!


“The next 50 days could literally change your life!”

The four spring Feasts prophetically tells of the Lords process of redemption. And if you think that those belong to the Jews you better think again. Leveticus 23 states that these were the Feasts of the LORD (Yahweh). And for the record, Yahweh is not a Jew He is a Spirit which supercedes any nationality. Matter of fact Genesis 1:14 is the first mention of the feasts which was long before Abraham or the nation that would come out him even existed. Therefore, the Feasts of the LORD, were part of Yahweh’s creative order not just part of a Jewish history.

Point: While we celebrate the cross (Feasts of Passover), death, burial, and resurrection (Feasts of Unleavened Bread and Firstfruits) of Jesus the process wasn’t complete until 50 days after the resurrection with the reinstatment of the Holy Spirit back in the earth (Feasts of Pentecost) which sealed our redemption and became the down payment of theĀ purchased possession. These Feasts, in my observation, are windows, doors, or portals of time where Yahweh is looking to intersect His world with ours. However, if we are not aware of these times we could miss an opportunity to advance the kingdom.

Example: Read the book of Ruth. It is only four chapters but tells the most beautiful story of redemption. It is even more beautiful when you realize it is your story too. However, pay close attention to her process. She heads back to Bethlehem Judah because they hear Yahweh has visited them with bread. Why was He visiting them with bread? It was the beginning of Passover. Therefore, you see Ruth’s redemption process start at Passover leaving the god’s of her fathers. Coming into Bethlehem during the barley harvest (Feast of Firstfruits) but being asked of Boaz (Jesus) to wait with him until the wheat harvest (Feasts of Pentecost). Upon completion of the Festival season Boaz and Ruth consumate the realtionship and now she becomes the Bride of Boaz (Jesus) and becomes the soil in which heavens seed can once again be planted. Generations and eventually the Messiah would come out of that consumation. Fruit that remains!

Let us not miss what Yahweh is wanting to do in this time and season. For who knows, “The next 50 days could literally change your life”.