“Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear”

Have you eObjects in Mirrorver believed God for something and it seemed as if it would never come to pass? Are there dreams and visions you have had for your life that look extremly far away?

I have recently ministering on the reality that Yahweh (God) is speaking to us all of the time. That if you haven’t heard Him speak in the last 24 hours then something is not right. The problem isn’t Him not speaking. It is us not being in position or to distracted to hear Him. Yahweh still speaks to people in an audible voice. However, it tends to be His last resort. If He has to speak to you in an audible voice it is because you have missed His voice in all the little details.

I have a lot of dreams and visions that Yahweh has placed down in my spirit to accomplish for the kingdom and His glory. However, sometimes those things seem so large I don’t know how it will ever come to pass (which is a good place to be in). In those times it is always good to hear the Father speak a word that can change your whole perception. A few weeks ago my son was driving me back from Arkansas. Meditating on the things of the Lord and the next step in my journey. I looked out my window to see written on the mirror “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”. I have seen that a thousand times and yet in this moment Yahweh used it to speak to me. Apostle James refers to the Word (Yahshua/Jesus) as a mirror that we are supposed to look into and then not walk away and forget the vision that we are supposed to look like. Within that vision is not just the accuracy of who I am destine to represent but inside that is the fulfillment of all the dreams and visions that He has placed inside of me.

I said all of that to share a simple word of encouragement today, “OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR!”