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“The greatest way to honor pioneers is to keep going”

These are the words I heard in my spirit as I saw this man and his wife worshipping in front of us at Bethel last Sunday evening. They were probably in their mid 80’s. He could barely stand erect, his body showing the wear of time and a life well lived. However, they would stretch their arms out in praise as far as they would reach. For over an hour they worshipped with all that was in them sitting down for a rest every once in a while. The culture of that ministry now well under half their age yet they remain faithful. While it doesn’t look like it did when they started they have seen the Father in every step of it. They stand as the epitome of unselfishness enjoying seeing others build on top of what they help lay giving glory only to Yahweh. No museam could honor people like this the way a generation who is willing to keep going can. Yes, we need to tell their stories so those who are coming in know the price that was paid for the things they are currently enjoying. But the greates reward for those who help pioneer the way for others is to see them keep going, hard after it, with all that is within them. The bounty for them is fruit that will abound to their account. How about a big thank you for all the pioneers whether young or old who have made a way for you to be where you are today.