“The Safest Place on the Planet”

Last week I safeplacehelped two of the most important people in my life move 2000 miles across the country to fulfill the current Word from God over their life. Now, I love my son-in-law but driving away from my baby girl was probably the hardest thing I have done in life to this point. Even her getting married wasn’t this hard since they were living only 10 minutes away. However, we have always raised our children to release them into the purposes and plans the Father may have for them and that’s exactly what we did. While preaching Sunday morning I begin to hear something come out of my spirit that would give me a revelation of this time and the true heart of a father (the same way God looks at us). While sharing my internal struggle I said, “Redding, California is the safest place for her to be right now because that is the Father’s current will for her life”. Although it was easy to preach it didn’t close the distance physically between me and her one inch. But that’s when the rest of the statement came forth. I stated that “if in my selfishness I would have attempted to keep her with me through any sense of control, persuassion, or manipulation that I would in fact be placing her and Jonathon in great danger”. Sometimes we think we know what is best for people judging them through the eyes of our own journey. But our current sight was molded through following the Lord’s direction in our own journey of hearing and obeying. Maybe this will make absolutely no sense to anyone else but I would rather my baby girl be 2000 miles from me but in the safest place on the planet than be right next door and in danger.

Here’s to raising and releasing the ones God has entrusted to our stewardship.