History Will Tell If You Believed!

courage 1I recently heard a prophet tell the story of how Jesus appeared to him in a vision and began to tell him about his destiny and all these particular things he was capable of and would do. He said after that Jesus turned around and said, “And history will tell us if you believed me”. I have to say that comment affected me greatly and has continued to make an impact on my daily life.

Everyone of us has had dreams, visions, prophetic words, and ideas of what we thought our life would be like. We have heard from heaven regarding our future and when we heard them something went off in our spirits. However, how many of us are truly on track to accomplish those things and what does it say about us as believers. When Jesus said, “It is finished” He didn’t mean you were finished. He meant He was. He has done His part now He is waiting on you to do yours. That helps us realize that we actually have something to do with what He says. And it proves that there is both sovereignty and free will and they somehow homogenize in our life. Yahweh has a plan for us but when we are dead we will look over the plan and we will see if we actually believed Him.

Find people to surround yourself that believe in your dreams as much as you do and then find the courage to go after them. HISTORY WILL TELL IF YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVED IT!