Living & Active



Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the Word of God is “LIVING & ACTIVE”. Let me say that I believe in the bible but if you destroyed every bible that has ever been written and every format it is in and you wouldn’t destroy the Word of God. Because the Word of God WAS before there was ever a printing press. So while the bible is the Word of God the Word of God is not ink on a piece a paper but the Word of God is “LIVING & ACTIVE”. You see the preceding word (scripture) and the proceeding word (His voice) are not simply commands to follow but an invitation to become the very essence of those words. When we breathe it in we actually get the opportunity to experience that word in our lives and not simply know it. Do you think Abraham would rather be able to answer bible trivia correctly when asked one of the characteristics of God “Jehovah Jireh” = Yahweh our Provider? Or do you think he would rather experience Him as such? You see there are a lot of people who know the bible but don’t know Him. Let us allow the Word of God (the person and presence of Christ) to become “LIVING & ACTIVE”.