David Priest was born and raised in the small West Tulsa community of Berryhill. After graduating there in 1990 he went on to attend Tulsa Junior College where he would meet his future bride and love of his life Angela Dawn Mashburn. The two of them would join themselves together as one on November 8, 1991. They purchased a nice three bedroom home on the West side of Tulsa where they would reside as they began this great adventure.

In the beginning David worked for what is now Fed-Ex Freight while also running a landscaping business that his father helped him start in Junior High School. Angela worked with Mid-Continent Insurance Co. and would later run payroll for an organization that helps handicapped individuals acclimate into society, called Bios. During the first few years of marriage David begin to sense that there was a call on his life. They became very active in the church teaching and helping with youth ministry. On February 15, 1994 God blessed them with the first addition to their family, a baby girl, Hali Dawn Priest. In July of 1995 David came to the realization that the call on his life was to preach the gospel. David and Angela began traveling – preaching anywhere someone would allow him. David would later take the position of Youth Pastor in a denominational church in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. He seemed to be one who always questioned the religious system but God taught him during this time the lessons of being faithful to something that was another man’s. During this time it became evident to both David and Angela that she was to quit her job and become the only thing that she had ever wanted to be, a wife and a mother.

IMG_7465David and Angela both began to sense a change coming and in the fall of 1997 they moved to the town of Oologah, Oklahoma where they became the pastors of what was then a denominational church. It wasn’t long after their arrival in Oologah when they welcomed the second addition to the Priest family. This time it was in the form of a nine pound, six ounce baby boy named Dalton Wayne Priest. In the latter part of 1999 David and Angela received the baptism of the Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues which threw a wrench into everything they had known up to that point. David would thereafter lead his congregation, willingly, through a dramatic change in doctrinal beliefs. The life of the Spirit was so awesome to the both of them that this became one of the greatest times in their lives. However, there was still a cry in David’s heart that there was something more. In 2002, God opened the door for David to attend bible school where for the next two years he would not only pastor full-time but attend school as well. It was during this time that his ministry would take on a different flare as his deeper knowledge of the Word coupled with the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit made the Scriptures come alive in ways he never imagined. It wasn’t long after graduating from bible school that David began to get Kingdom revelation even though he didn’t know that’s what it was at the time. It would still be some time before he would come to that conclusion.

David and Angela had been a part of running youth camps all the way back to the beginning of their marriage. However, after gaining wisdom and revelation they became increasingly frustrated with the way camps were being lead. Therefore, in the midst of everything else they were doing they founded Insideout Ministries in 2004. Their goal was to teach believers how to change from the inside-out and not the traditional way that the church was teaching. The main medium that they would use to begin this process was through youth camps and in 2005 Camp Insideout was birthed.

Throughout all of this process David became increasingly aware of his need for a spiritual father. After leaving the denominational ranks he found that there were not many men who would relate to him unless he was part of their group. As he sought for a man, his journeys would bring him before men who were either unwilling or unqualified and in many cases both. Although there was a cry in his heart, he basically had resigned himself to the fact that he and Angela would just have to walk this out alone, which they were determined to do. However, in the fall of 2004 David and Angela met an apostolic father for the first time. There were many religious barriers that challenged David keeping him from receiving what he had been looking for all along. Therefore, it would be several years before this relationship would develop.

In 2006, following what was probably their best year in ministry Holy Spirit required David and Angela to resign their church. This was not an easy thing and David delayed what he knew he was supposed to do for many months. The church represented so many things to them for it was there that God laid in them the foundations that He would later use to build on. They would finally obey and in the fall of 2006 they left Oologah and moved into his dad’s shop which they had remodeled into an apartment. It was extremely tight quarters but God blessed their family and during the next eight months they grew closer in many ways. Holy Spirit had the young family prepare themselves financially for this season since Holy Spirit would not allow David to go get a job working out areas of trust in him. During the next six months Holy Spirit began to identify who David really was and He began to reveal his purposes to him.



In March of 2007, after commuting back and forth for many months, David moved to Springdale, Arkansas to be a part of what was then his first introduction to an Apostolic Ministry.  At this point David laid down ministry and everything that was familiar to him. David went to work for Bakewell Chemical Company in Springdale, Arkansas.  Bill Bakewell, by the leading of Holy Spirit, became a very instrumental role in helping David get back to where he knew God was leading him. At the end of May that same year the rest of the family moved to Arkansas. David and Angela’s journey  accelerated quickly after arriving in Arkansas and their family flourished in that environment.

Over the six-and-a-half years that David, Angela, Hali, and Dalton were in Northwest Arkansas, many amazing things happened.  Their marriage was strengthened, their family grew stronger together, their finances were secured, ministry redeemed, and their lives were improved in every way.

David went on staff there in 2010 and ministered there until the spring of 2013.  Holy Spirit prepared David’s heart to go to the greater Tulsa region and establish a five-fold ministry there.  The Apostle, church leadership, and the people agreed and sent David and his family to the greater Tulsa region for the purpose of establishing a kingdom outpost.  What is now The ARC of Northeast Oklahoma began gathering people at The Hampton Inn and Suites in June and was officially launched in their own building on July 7, 2013.

The rest of the story has yet to be written but it is sure to be filled with much excitement and enthusiasm as the Priest family hears and obeys the Word of God and flourishes in the land in where God has planted them.