What Weighs More?

what weighs more

While all the words of the Father, both preceeding and proceding, are all truth. There is an order to building in the kingdom and not all words weigh the same. Jesus told the Pharisees, “You tithe mint, dill, and cummin (that’s great) but you have forsaken the WEIGHTIER things (the things that weigh more in the Spirit) justice, mercy, and faithfulness.” Paul put it like this, “now faith, hope, and love remain but the greatest of these is love.” You see Yahweh wants to continue to release revelation but He needs to release revelation on a structure that can hold it and He needs us to understand that some truths are weighter than other truths. So that when we build the roof isn’t at the bottom and the blocks at the top. That way the structure that is built can actually hold the next revelation that He is wanting to release to us. What I mean is that a “word” must be in its proper context to be true. If you do not realize that the word LOVE carries more weight than the word JUSTICE, you will be prone to destroy your relationships for the sake of being right.

Living & Active



Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the Word of God is “LIVING & ACTIVE”. Let me say that I believe in the bible but if you destroyed every bible that has ever been written and every format it is in and you wouldn’t destroy the Word of God. Because the Word of God WAS before there was ever a printing press. So while the bible is the Word of God the Word of God is not ink on a piece a paper but the Word of God is “LIVING & ACTIVE”. You see the preceding word (scripture) and the proceeding word (His voice) are not simply commands to follow but an invitation to become the very essence of those words. When we breathe it in we actually get the opportunity to experience that word in our lives and not simply know it. Do you think Abraham would rather be able to answer bible trivia correctly when asked one of the characteristics of God “Jehovah Jireh” = Yahweh our Provider? Or do you think he would rather experience Him as such? You see there are a lot of people who know the bible but don’t know Him. Let us allow the Word of God (the person and presence of Christ) to become “LIVING & ACTIVE”.



Disconnected from our Destiny

disconnect1“Many times there is a disconnect between us and our destiny that we can’t seem to figure out. We think our destiny is our calling but that is not true. Your calling is the avenue, venue, or conduit that allows Yahweh access to the world you influence. And when we don’t seem to be progressing towards what we feel called to we get frustrated. WHY? Because we look more at the work than the people we get to love, influence, and minister to through the work. Your destiny is NOT what you get to do. It’s the people that you get to love through the opportunity alloted to you.” Apostle David

There is no place restricted that love won’t give us access to. Approaching others with your agenda will never give you access into their heart but rather cause walls of defense to be erected.





Safe? Who said anything about Safe?



There will always be two trees in your garden because choices prove love. The church wants to cut the second tree down, sterilize the garden, and call it sanctification because religion doesn’t want you to have any chance to make a mistake. I read a quote from someone the other day that I absolutely loved which said, “God did not child proof the garden”.  The Father is not trying to keep you safe.  He is trying to keep you from a meaningless life.

“Some journey’s take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny” C.S. Lewis


Pruning2PRUNING: The allowing of a wrong attitude, idea, or expression to grow to manifestation so it can be seen by the Husbandman and then severed from you so that your purpose is not thwarted by an illegal expression of kingdom ideas.

Formulated this definition this afternoon after receiving this quote:

“When the disciples came back thinking they were more significant than others. What did Jesus do? He says that branch grew right where I can see it. That one has got to be pruned. He doesn’t kill the plant. He prunes the illegal expression of kingdom ideas. And there is not a person around that won’t have a wrong expression of a good idea that God has given you” Bill Johnson

You Are A Deliverer!

creation-waits2Romans 8:18-21. “Creation is awaiting the reveling of the sons”. Creation is not waiting for Jesus to come back and fix it. Creation is waiting on the SONS. Adam subjected everything to chaos, disorder and dysfunction. The earth didn’t want to be subjected to it but Adam forfeited the crown. Now the earth is out of order (disorder) and it says it is in pain (dis-ease). Every time you take your place as a son of God whatever is under your responsibility and authority you liberate that part of the earth from a curse. Yahweh didn’t tell you to fix everything. Just what is in your sphere of influence. Therefore, your trees should clap every time you pull in the driveway. WHY? Becuase here comes my deliverer!

Representation vs. Reflection

Isaino-mirrors-300x269ah 60:1 “Arise, Shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you”.

By implication the word “Arise” conveys that one must change position to a more elevated place. While at the same time “Shine” carries clear meanings as something distinguished, eminent, clear, without blemish, and an accurate image. Contrary to what modern Christianity has told us, we were not designed to reflect the Son. We have all probably heard the metaphor “Be like the moon and reflect the sun (son)”. However, the scripture says to “Arise & Shine” not “Arise & Reflect“. God never intended us to be an echo. He always wanted us to be a VOICE. Therefore, the kingdom is about representation not reflection!

1 John 4:17 “As is so are WE in this present world!”

History Will Tell If You Believed!

courage 1I recently heard a prophet tell the story of how Jesus appeared to him in a vision and began to tell him about his destiny and all these particular things he was capable of and would do. He said after that Jesus turned around and said, “And history will tell us if you believed me”. I have to say that comment affected me greatly and has continued to make an impact on my daily life.

Everyone of us has had dreams, visions, prophetic words, and ideas of what we thought our life would be like. We have heard from heaven regarding our future and when we heard them something went off in our spirits. However, how many of us are truly on track to accomplish those things and what does it say about us as believers. When Jesus said, “It is finished” He didn’t mean you were finished. He meant He was. He has done His part now He is waiting on you to do yours. That helps us realize that we actually have something to do with what He says. And it proves that there is both sovereignty and free will and they somehow homogenize in our life. Yahweh has a plan for us but when we are dead we will look over the plan and we will see if we actually believed Him.

Find people to surround yourself that believe in your dreams as much as you do and then find the courage to go after them. HISTORY WILL TELL IF YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVED IT!


FFutureUTURE = (My definition) Something that currently exists but the manifestation of which hasn’t happened YET. Through my faith the evidence is brought into existence and intersects with my reality (Hebrews 11:1). Therefore, what I can do is just as real as what I have done. I just haven’t done them YET. (Jeremiah 29:11)

“You can either be pulled by your future or held by your past”

Say “NO” to being a better Caterpillar


My lightening fast mind has recently come to realize how many people (Kingdom, lost, saved, etc…) deal with a performance mentality. Performance mentality in my estimation is living externally in such a way (or attempting to) that those you relate to are happy with you while you remain internally frustrated feeling like you are never good enough. The key to kingdom transformation is not performing better but allowing the morphing process to occur through newly shaped thought patterns (Romans 12:2). Everybody has used the butterfly as a metaphor of transformation. It carries with it the idea of morphing into what you are purposed and originally designed for not just trying to be a better caterpillar.

Say “NO” to just being a better caterpillar and say “YES” to becoming what has been in you all along.