What Weighs More?

what weighs more

While all the words of the Father, both preceeding and proceding, are all truth. There is an order to building in the kingdom and not all words weigh the same. Jesus told the Pharisees, “You tithe mint, dill, and cummin (that’s great) but you have forsaken the WEIGHTIER things (the things that weigh more in the Spirit) justice, mercy, and faithfulness.” Paul put it like this, “now faith, hope, and love remain but the greatest of these is love.” You see Yahweh wants to continue to release revelation but He needs to release revelation on a structure that can hold it and He needs us to understand that some truths are weighter than other truths. So that when we build the roof isn’t at the bottom and the blocks at the top. That way the structure that is built can actually hold the next revelation that He is wanting to release to us. What I mean is that a “word” must be in its proper context to be true. If you do not realize that the word LOVE carries more weight than the word JUSTICE, you will be prone to destroy your relationships for the sake of being right.

Living & Active



Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the Word of God is “LIVING & ACTIVE”. Let me say that I believe in the bible but if you destroyed every bible that has ever been written and every format it is in and you wouldn’t destroy the Word of God. Because the Word of God WAS before there was ever a printing press. So while the bible is the Word of God the Word of God is not ink on a piece a paper but the Word of God is “LIVING & ACTIVE”. You see the preceding word (scripture) and the proceeding word (His voice) are not simply commands to follow but an invitation to become the very essence of those words. When we breathe it in we actually get the opportunity to experience that word in our lives and not simply know it. Do you think Abraham would rather be able to answer bible trivia correctly when asked one of the characteristics of God “Jehovah Jireh” = Yahweh our Provider? Or do you think he would rather experience Him as such? You see there are a lot of people who know the bible but don’t know Him. Let us allow the Word of God (the person and presence of Christ) to become “LIVING & ACTIVE”.



Disconnected from our Destiny

disconnect1“Many times there is a disconnect between us and our destiny that we can’t seem to figure out. We think our destiny is our calling but that is not true. Your calling is the avenue, venue, or conduit that allows Yahweh access to the world you influence. And when we don’t seem to be progressing towards what we feel called to we get frustrated. WHY? Because we look more at the work than the people we get to love, influence, and minister to through the work. Your destiny is NOT what you get to do. It’s the people that you get to love through the opportunity alloted to you.” Apostle David

There is no place restricted that love won’t give us access to. Approaching others with your agenda will never give you access into their heart but rather cause walls of defense to be erected.





Safe? Who said anything about Safe?



There will always be two trees in your garden because choices prove love. The church wants to cut the second tree down, sterilize the garden, and call it sanctification because religion doesn’t want you to have any chance to make a mistake. I read a quote from someone the other day that I absolutely loved which said, “God did not child proof the garden”.  The Father is not trying to keep you safe.  He is trying to keep you from a meaningless life.

“Some journey’s take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny” C.S. Lewis



People have quoted the statement “I am more than a conqueror” for years citing identity and the ability to overcome all obstacles. And while that is true Holy Spirit recently showed me a deeper understanding of that verse and statement. To conquer something, according to the dictionary, is to overcome by force or to subdue. “More than” declares you are something of greater importance than the topic listed (WE ARE > Conquerors). Therefore, a conqueror is someone who must strive and stress to take ground (I know there are times for that). But “more than a conqueror” just rests in the fact that he already owns it all.

Sometimes we just need to sit down before we hurt ourselves!

What are you LOOKING for?


Every buy a new car that you thought was unique but the day you bought it you noticed everyone else had bought the same one that day too? Obviously, not everyone bought the same one you did on the same day. However, that is the day you began to notice them.

If you look for God in your day you will see Him.
If you look for Satan, you will see him too.


transitionWhat is a TRANSITION? A transition is a passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another. Transitions occur because there has come a necessary time for change in a movement. By evolving from one form, stage, or style to another, new developments occur in our life processes.

Each phase of transition is a transition in itself. In order to move across to occupy our inheritance, we must come to an ending or death of one phase of our life. We must let go of one thing to embrace something new. We are a people who do not like to die. Therefore, we usually hang on with all of our strength to something in a phase of our life that is ending instead of gracefully releasing one good thing for something better.

A normal phase of transition is the confusion phase. To move to a new place we must allow our mind to embrace new ways, methods, and understandings. When new revelation is coming into our mind, we seem confused at times because we have not fully replaced our old cognitive processes. Therefore, THE LAST SEASON’S IDEAS ARE WARRING WITH THIS SEASON’S REVELATION.


photo (1)

“The greatest way to honor pioneers is to keep going”

These are the words I heard in my spirit as I saw this man and his wife worshipping in front of us at Bethel last Sunday evening. They were probably in their mid 80’s. He could barely stand erect, his body showing the wear of time and a life well lived. However, they would stretch their arms out in praise as far as they would reach. For over an hour they worshipped with all that was in them sitting down for a rest every once in a while. The culture of that ministry now well under half their age yet they remain faithful. While it doesn’t look like it did when they started they have seen the Father in every step of it. They stand as the epitome of unselfishness enjoying seeing others build on top of what they help lay giving glory only to Yahweh. No museam could honor people like this the way a generation who is willing to keep going can. Yes, we need to tell their stories so those who are coming in know the price that was paid for the things they are currently enjoying. But the greates reward for those who help pioneer the way for others is to see them keep going, hard after it, with all that is within them. The bounty for them is fruit that will abound to their account. How about a big thank you for all the pioneers whether young or old who have made a way for you to be where you are today.

No “U” Turns


We started yesterday just outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming in our journey to move our kids to Redding, California. While the beauty and scenery causes you stand in awe of the Creator there is a point when driving across the salt flats and dessert in Western Utah that it all begins to look the same. And while it was amazing to see parts of the country that I have never seen before my spirit was drawn to this sign. Every few miles this sign kept popping up obviously continuing to let travelers know that they could not use this opportunity to turn around. Sometimes life gets difficult, you seemingly stare at the same scenery, and wonder if you will ever arrive at your destination. However, no one ever arrived at the destination by turning back.

Luke 9:62No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God”

Debt & The Next Generation


2 Kings 4:1 tells a story of a widow woman who has accumulated debt either because of her late husband or her own doing we do not know. However, it is interesting that the creditors were not coming to seize her or her possessions but her children. We tend to live our lives by making decisions thinking the outcome of those choices will only affect us. What we fail to understand is that DEBT is all about the next generation. One decision has the potential to affect several generations. Bad decisions create genetic and environmental defects that must be restored to the Creator’s original intent. Lastly, less you think all debt refers simply to money and finance. It is important that we can have mental debt in our minds, relational debt in our marriages, physical debt in our bodies, time debt in our schedules, as well as the traditional debt in our finances. Let’s purpose to eradicate all debt…. the next generation will thank us!