Here’s to the PROCESS!


PROCESS = A systematic series of actions directed towards a designed end. (

“The prophetic is not the delivery of a singular word, but a process of inquiry that requires us to continually go back to the Father” Scott Webster

An angel appeared to Manoah’s wife to announce the birth of Samson. When she told Manoah about the impending birth, Manoah prayed and asked the Lord to “Let the man of God you sent to us come again to teach us HOW to bring up the boy who is to be born” (Judges 13:8). Manoah realized that the prophetic promise required that they receive more resource from God regarding HOW the child should be raised. They could not assume that they could parent Samson according to the patterns they knew from their own families or simply do what was right in their own minds. So Manoah prayed a very strategic prayer that followed up the initial prophetic word with a request for more and continual wisdom and insight.

“Father, may we never just rest on one word but continually inquire of you for more wisdom and insight on HOW to accomplish the word that was delivered to us.”

Here’s to the PROCESS!