Accurate Relationships

We believe that God has a blueprint for each individual life and within that blueprint are certain ordained relationships which are beneficial to our growth and development.  These relationships are expressed in certain characteristics such as commitment to live beyond the borders of our own lives; a deep appreciation for people which is not contaminated by human prejudice – a true sense of equalization of humanity; a commitment to sharing ideas, perspectives, feelings with others; a desire to impart to others through mentoring relationships; and a sense of responsibility for those younger and a desire to see those younger surpass us in all areas of life.

Shared Ownership

We realize that a deep sense of “our community” is based upon a righteous “buy in” attitude.  No one can possess the purposes of God alone.  Therefore, “partnership” becomes a key word expressing mutual trust and cooperation which we esteem.


Reformations is the necessary process that brings our personal lives and the corporate life of the Church into correct order and function.  As individuals, we embrace the deep work of the Holy Spirit in our lives to deliver us past old patterns of thought and action and to bring us into more accurate lifestyles which reflect Christ.  We realize that as each individual grasps the reality of his or her own personal process, the very nature and character of the Church will begin to transition into a higher level.  At the same time, we also recognize that the current church structures can not bring the church to maturity.  We therefore value the journeying process of moving from old static positions to new Kingdom realizations.

Divine Approval

Recognition for all that we do is entirely based upon what He wants and what He decides as being “well done”.  We therefore live our lives with the clear perspective that pleasing Him is what is most important and that inside The ARC, obedience to the will of God is celebrated and honored.


We have a clear recognition that obeying God is not optional.  Our state of reflexive obedience gives us the power to proclaim and the power to build.

Apostolic and Prophetic Dimension

The very heart of the apostolic and prophetic empowers us to enter into pioneering positions.  By recongizing and accepting the restoration of these two dimensions, we relize that grace will be imparted to pioneer, to establish, to build, and to see more of the Kingdom.

Migration With Purpose

At the core of Biblical understanding is the realization that our walk with Christ is predicated upon the fact that Jesus came to bring the Church into a more abundant life and that “bringing us forward” requires a mentality that not only accepts change, but embraces it.  We are committed to moving with God on a personal, community, and global level.


We value the pursuit of sincere heart before God and man which validates our proclamation and our lifestyle.  Integrity therefore brings forth precision, accuracy, truthfulness, and uprightness.

Mentoring (Fathering) Through Servanthood

The very nature of transferring grace is normally through the conduit of trusted relationship with those whom are willing to help elevate others.  Apostle Paul exemplifies this relational building block as he mentors young Timothy from the position of giving his life.  One of our defined characteristics is following the example of Christ in that He gave himself for the benefit and advancement of others.